A Huntress is Born, Lives, and Stalks Through My Fantasies…

The story: Sima Garo Provides -The Weft Series

(Indicates fanfic elements that will be adapted for original storyline -known as The Weft)

Indicates adapted elements I’m “feeling out”

Idea: What happens during the time Jeniah’s bond is severed, and how is it re-established?


Concept: A planetbound leader and a starfaring explorer who shared an incendiary telerotic bond must, despite their Severing, relearn how to trust each other to save their worlds – and themselves.



Genre: Fantasy erotica, with elements of adventure and science fiction.




  • Five sunrounds ago, Kaivelt severed his bond with Jeniah, in the aftermath of great loss and chaos in his life.
  • He severed all emotional connection, and disappeared into the bloodless and breathless space of his world’s most ascetic monastic tradition, one in which all emotional and material connections must be released.
  • Knowing that sima garo provides, and she need only be open to it does not mean it’s easy, or that she is not still angry and betrayed at the utter abandonment.
  • When his deepest yearnings clutch desperately at her, she resists knowing that she must help him rediscover his place in his former life, and what they are to one another now.
  • But she must find a way to accept him, because both their worlds are in danger, and they can best help each other as a telerotic unit.
  • They also must find one another, and resolve what is between them, before the time bombs set with their bonding detonate.



  • Trust, forgiveness, and reconciliation after wounding.
  • Working together for the common good.
  • Exploring the concepts of love and sexuality – universalities and cultural/species specifics.
  • A quest to come together against seemingly insurmountable obstacles.




  • Kaivelt’s awareness of and connection to the vast cold reason-entity.
  • The telerotic tension between them, ignited at their first bonding, and reignited when they resume telerotic relations…they can put off the need to consummate in fact, but, eventually, they must couple physically.
  • The invasion and poisoning of Aletris by the Otherworld miners.
  • What each will accept as joy or duty, and what they will release as irrelevant.
  • Mutual Matehunt begins in earnest, with a renewed commitment to find their way to one another.



Narrative strategy:

  • Third person past, 3-4 POV characters:
  • Jeniah (protagonist)
  • Rachyl (sister/healer)
  • Hallii (sister/Canivaarii Huntleader)
  • Shinjao (kithsister/Healer-advisor)


First Plot Point:

  • Jeniah is in emergency council with those who have discovered a vast Otherworld mining operation exploiting Aletris when she has a resurgence of her awareness of her Severed Solemate.
  • It has the power of a physical and telerotic blow – he needs her with desperate, drowning urgency. He has been far too long alone and untouched by the emotions of others.
  • She flees the meeting, and her children, without a word of explanation, and fights off efforts to stop her. She Changes and disappears into the Huntlands, where she can feel him more clearly.



  • Jeniah and Kaivelt have both retreated to places of safety and solitude, so that they can be undistracted enough to pursue Attunementand find a degree of surcease for the telerotic strain. They share knowledge to findways to protect Aletris from further poaching, and to discover a path to one another with the resources available to them.
  • As they move closer to a place where they will renew their bond or dissolve it, both know that this is an irrevocable decision.
  • They both must choose to give themselves fully and passionately to what is between them, come to terms with what they have done and been, and the fact that they still might never live to be together – and that, if they cannot come together, such joining will cost them their lives.
  • Both choose to pursue the bonding, and the story closes with musings of what in life will be altered for each of them in their pursuit of consummation, as they finally join in a bonding that is deeper and richer than what they had before.
  • They place claiming scars upon one another, in dreams, as emblem and evidence of the commitment made.


The story in Ten Expositional Blocks:


1. Hook: Prologue.

  • Jeniah dreams that her Chosen, Kaivelt (her name for him-meaning fiercely beloved or fierce one) is planning to Sever their telerotic bond. She knows that he has struggled with the depth of emotion – loss of a woman he had cared for, and her inability to be where he was, or to sense one another through dreams.
  • He informs her that he will be entering his homeworld’s most ascetic monastic discipline, and will be severing all emotional ties, and all entanglement in the material world.
  • She confronts him, tells him that he can’t do that because, as we learn, he is a half-breed, and his other species is as highly emotive as her own.
  • In keeping with her nature, Jeniah lays herself bare, not allowing him to hide from how the damage he will inflict on himself will extend to her. She is highly emotional, and it discomforts him, in keeping with his.
  • She claims him savagely, hoping to arouse his inner Hunter, and, for a time, it works, and he surrenders …but she knows, when they enter Attunement in the heat of Matehunt, that he is allowing her this farewell. In his soul, he has already made his commitment, and will not allow her to sway him.
  • He leaves without a word, and is gone from her mind, leaving only a bitter emptiness, and of betrayal.


2.  Inciting Incident:

  • Five sunrounds after their severing, Jeniah is dealing with the crisis of an Otherworld invasion and rape of Aletris when she feels Kaivelt.
  • He is flinging his empty soul outward in a desperate longing to reach her, but she can feel he is not consciously aware of what he is doing.
  • She allows him to touch her soul, but holds herself apart rather than answering his urgent yearning to blend and reach for Attunement. She wants to understand in what ways he has been damaged, and what he hopes to get from the contact now.
  • She begins to sense the nature of the fracturing of his soul, and that he will not long survive without giving up the monastic life and returning to connection with her and his former comrades.
  • Also, she begins to be aware of a vast, cold, lifeless presence invading his mind, and how another part of him reaches for that emotionless intellect, wanting connection with it just as the feeling parts are drawn to her.
  • All her instincts, all her Huntskills, come into play, and she knows that he must not join with the nonlife consciousness, but return to the life he left behind, and that, somewhere in helping him to do so will heighten her ability to deal with her own world’s crisis – and his awareness of the world beyond Aletris will be invaluable to her people.



3.  Part 1 exposition: 

  • She travels to explore the installation, keeping herself open for his touch, but not allowing more than that, although she knows he yearns for the telerotic bond he severed.
  • She learns more of his situation, and of thepersonal crises he faces, and, as her former mate stretches to touch her, she begins to let him know of her own crisis, and the need for help in ridding Aletris of her rapists.
  • He offers the outer, intellectual portions of his mind to her, so that she can utilize it in her quest. There is an implied deeper plea in him, but she refuses, because he plans to take the vows, and that will mean the end of any connection between them, forever.
  • She knows he is questioning the upcoming final vows, but does not offer any opinion on his dilemma. It is his to live, and she has too many concerns of her own. She leaves it to him and sima garo.


4.  First Plot Point: 

  • As Kaivelt prepares to take the final vows of his discipline, he suffers great torment, and his emotions, so long hidden so deeply he thought them gone, surge up and overtake him. He pleads again, in his dreeaming, for the sharing they had once enjoyed.
  • Feeling that this may be his path toward healing, she opens to him, for this time holding nothing back, as she journeys alone to the site of Aletris’s raping.
  • After, when he has found Sating, he realizes that what he has allowed in dreams is very real, and he recoils from what they have done, shaken in his convictions.
  • Although he closes himself to the depth of the sharing, he can’t resist the need for a Matehunt too long unmet.



5.  Part 2 exposition:

  • Jeniah rages at him, reasons with him, that he cannot submit to the vows, because this need is within him, and he is therefore not rid of his emotions or the conflicts they cause for him.
  • He knows that she is right, even admits to it, and there is a moment when he considers simply leaving the discipline.
  • He decides to remain, though, and take the vows, when she will not promise to resume their bond, but instead shares with him the pain and anguish he has caused with his betrayal, because he doesn’t want to cause further pain.
  • She knows that he will fail, that the adept who feels his mind will know his emotions, and his need of them to be whole.
  • Pinch Point – She lets him hold to the fantasy that this will be his answer, and that he has purged himself of her – but, when he desires more, she offers only her body to the dreaming, and not her soul. He retreats, but can’t refuse the physical need. She fuels her passion with the bitterness she has held, and he is inwardly devastated at the jagged pain of her freed emotions – and his own repressed ones. He cannot ignore this, not easily repair the harm done.


6.  Mid-Point:

  • Jeniah leaves Kaivelt to his own miseries, since, as she tells him, he is perfectly willing to cast aside all his ties to her.
  • Before releasing her hold on the connection between them, however, she demands that he be with her as she explores the alien stronghold, where, with the help of his understanding of such alien procedures, she realizes that this is a mining operation that is stealing huge amounts of nutrients from Aletris’ skin, and the leavings of the process are leaching into the arytana, causing a reaction in the water table – an influx of genetically mutated imitur, which releases poisons through its vast root system…and the flow is directly into former Canivaarii lands.
  • The site is well established, and the damage enormous. Since the area was unpopulated, none knew of its existence…
  • But neither, then, do the Otherworlders know that she has seen, because there are no devices for watching, and they remain within their Keep, launching their ships from a retracting covering within.
  • She can feel their minds, and share them with the Huntthread, but they can’t sense her.
  • Meanwhile, Kaivelt has gone, without true conviction, to take his vows, even knowing the tangling pulls he feels – to be her mate, to return to the life he had known, and to join with the nameless cold entity that knows and yet seeks…
  • Jeniah, as she spends a tenday exploring and observing until she knows all the patterns of the Otherworld rapists, feels a dim sense of him moving through days and nights of the rituals and practices of the purifying, and all the time questioning, doubting.


7.  Part 3 exposition: 

  • Jeniah uses the information and understanding from Kaivelt’s mind to concoct a plan to rid Aletris of these invaders – but now she also knows that there may be others, and that Aletris cannot be safe if it is not protected.
  • Kaivelt begins the final ritual that will confirm his vows, and submits to the adepts mindtouch.
  • He is able to keep his emotions deep within, and, although the adept notes them, she passes him through the ritual, since most initiates begin with emotions to master before they can excise them.
  • Kaivelt, however, cannot speak the final vows. In his mind, he gives the adept the full sweep of his feelings and his being, and in that is the certainty, finally, that he must rejoin life, and deal with his emotions, and hers, rather than continue to hide from them.
  • Jeniah sets about gathering the Tribes – and the Untribed who are willing and able to assist, to assist in what must be a very large-scale and meticulously executed Hunt to free Aletris of her rapists.
  • She feels Kaivelt’s decision, and that, in part, he made it because of her, so that he might bond with her, if she will have him, and also so that he may help her in her quest.


8. Second Plot Point: 

  • Jeniah unravels a plot to attempt to kill the impostors – her plan, devised with the council and Kaivelt’s guidance, is to put the inpostors to sleep with a distillate of imitur, and then strip their possessions, leaving them with only what they need to survive, sealed into their landing bay, where they cannot regain their tools, supplies, or shelter.
  • Kaivelt wants her to bond with him, immediately, so that he will be more strongly drawn to her.
  • When she refuses him, because she knows he still has too much emotional conflict to commit to anything, he shifts his focus to the vast intellect, which is traveling through Everdeep.
  • She warns him about her instinctive sense that he not pursue any deeper contact with the being, and extricate himself from what already is, if he is able.
  • But she knows how he will choose – his life, before the decision to enter the discipline, was about exploring the mysteries of Everdeep. He will go to his vessel, and his comrades, and Hunt what there is to find. He does heed her caution and agree not to attempt to join with the being.
  • Then he learns that the being is destroying other life in its quest, and his comrades have been charged with stopping it, and he tells her that avoiding contact and joining may not be possible, if duty demands it of him.



9. Part 4 exposition:

  • Jeniah continues to watch the invaders, and their operations, although it pains her deeply to see how they are wounding Aletris, and nearly triggers Huntlust.
  • Kaivelt, back on the vessel, is beset on all sides by the untempered thoughts and emotions that surround him. From his dearest friends, he feels pain and betrayal that match hers. He locks himself deeply into himself, offering nothing, and no hint of the pain and guilt he feels at the effects of his decision to sever himself from them.
  • Instead, he tries to cling to her, but she is focused on her own struggle, and is not willing to give him everything he wants – she is still leery of his desire to contact the entity, and knows that he is not stable.
  • The Tribed begin to gather from nearby settlements, and those who can change hide themselves in the areas where there is still safe prey – well away from the digging and its toxic leach field. Under cover of dark, Healers expert in assaying plants survey the damaged area, hoping to find a means of reversing the world’s injuries.
  • Kaivelt, failing any other means of learning more about the threat to the far-flung worlds of Everdeep, chooses to join with it, although he tells no one of his intentions.
  • Jeniah senses what he is going to do, and sends what of the Huntthread can be spared to support him because she fears he will be killed by the encounter, otherwise. He is grievously injured in his attempt, and mindwounded before he is rescued – but, when he wakens, it is with a new understanding of the being and his own emotional self.
  • As she prepares for her own crucible, she feels him moving now, not to clutch at her for his own needs, but to offer her all his resources and support – and himself, with an understanding of her reticence to trust him.


10. Resolution: 

  • Kaivelt plays an essential role in understanding the entity’s needs, and as it evolves into a new form, he becomes more and more available to her, opening himself tremulously, but willingly and tenderly, his soul filled with sorrow at the pain he had caused her.
  • Once he is free to do so, he takes himself to solitude and fixes all his energy on her.
  • Jeniah orchestrates the infiltration of the invaders’ Keep, and uses both the Huntthread and Kaivelt to assist her understanding and strength.
  • The intensity of their contact deepens, and, as the danger increases, they slip naturally into Attunement.
  • For the first time since their reunion, they become a single unified being, and the headiness triggers Huntlust and a need to consummate the joining.
  • They use the desperation to feed their efforts, and to finally drive all the Otherworlders into their hangar area, where Hallii and other Hunters had stripped all that was not essential for the use of their crafts.
  • Finally, the massed hunters reveal themselves, and give the message to the interlopers – they are to leave, and not to step foot onto Aletris again. The aliens flee.
  • The healers move into the area to begin the long recovery process, and the Invaders’ Keep will become a home, in time, to any who wish to live behind strong walls – something that had been lacking since the destruction of Kaitiiraan’s Keep – and the devices within it, adapted to their needs, will provide the beginnings of awareness of what lies beyond their world.
  • As things settle, Jeniah takes herself off alone, to be with Kaivelt in her mind, and to relearn him.
  • They share, and begin the long process of healing the damage within and between them. Both know they can only resume if they agree to commit fully, with no further Severings or withdrawals…
  • And, in time, they know that they are ready – not innocently and recklessly, as they had come together when they were young, but wholly…and that the choice comes with an explosive deadline, if they cannot come together in time.







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