A Huntress is Born, Lives, and Stalks Through My Fantasies…

This is a Star Trek fan fiction novel, which is interwoven with Tisira’s story in Chameleon’s Dish.

I won’t be divulging many details, at first, because I am not quite sure, yet, how I want to offer these stories…

I do know that I do not want to trade off these Trek elements – the truth is, that for me, the ideas for Jeniah and her stories sprang from her connection to Spock, and I was, at thirteen, a bit surprised when she took on a life of her own.

For me, these stories are inextricably connected, and it feels wrong to tell Jeniah’s story, without Spock’s…

I would love any input on how I might freely offer the Warp Series –  I am thinking a blog just for it, perhaps – without using it as a way to sell copies of the Weft Series…because I want only to pay tribute to Trek as a moving force in my life and creativity, not to become a part of a somewhat swollen franchise.

I will share my thoughts on this matter from time to time, as they develop. ..and, eventually, I may be ready to share some excerpts…

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