A Huntress is Born, Lives, and Stalks Through My Fantasies…

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Please note that this blog contains adult themes, and is  intended for audiences ages 18 and over.

I am participating in this  challenge for the second year, and the first time on this blog.

My theme for 2013  is exploratory flash fiction based upon my Trueborn  Warp and Weft Double Series.  These stories may provide the beginnings of two new books, chronicling the first telepathic meetings of two children, from different worlds,  whose lives will intertwine in ways neither can imagine.

  • Trueborn Warp Series –  Is a semi-canon Star Trek fanfiction  series, with elements of erotica based upon Theodore Sturgeon‘s TOS episode, “Amok Time”. It chronicles Spocks fascination and telerotic connection to a planetbound woman he first senses in childhood, whose location is unknown to him, and who may be a dream or a delusion  My eventual goal is to offer this series free of charge through a fan fiction venue.
  • Trueborn Weft Series – Is an original fantasy series, which chronicles Niaan, Trueborn of the Tacivaarii Huntstribe, once Huntleader to her Pride and Kaiess to the Untribed.  She is a child of Aletris, an untamed and unmolested world, who, as a young girl, is drawn to the mysterious Otherworld boy she names Kaivelt, and who lives on a star far away within the vastness of Everdeep.  This series is intended for commercial publication, and is not fan fiction.
  • Warp and Weft are weaving terms, and these two series, conceived together, weave  around and through one another.  My hope is that either could be read separately, and offer a complete and exciting tale.
  • Reading both offers  the pleasure of a richer, more textured, sweeping  tale that spans decades   –  of my characters’ lives, and my own.
  • All  stories will be told in the first person past point of view, alternating between Niaan and Spock’s viewpoints.

The challenge requires that I blog  based on an assigned letter of the alphabet, from April 1 through 30, excepting Sundays.  The calendar below will provide easy reference, and I will post link’s to each day’s post, throughout the month.

I will post links to each day’s posts here, for ease of access.

Handy Dandy A to Z Calendar!

A is for: Arytana and Aletris

B is for: Blood and Breath

C is for: Claiming

D is for: Dawning

E is for: Everdeep

F is for: Father

G is for: Gifts

H is for: half-Humanity

I is for: In the Pridekeep

J is for: Journeying

K is for: Kaivelt’s Knowing

L is for: Learning to Balance

M is for: Mother

N is for: Niaan

O is for: Otherworlder

P is for: Plomik, Peace, and Privacy

Q is for: Quietness

R is for: Relaxation

S is for: Secclusion

T is for: Tacivaar’s Trueborn

U is for: Undone

V is for: Vastnesses

W is for: Wakening

X is for: Xanaas the Healer

Y is for: Yearnings

Z is for: Zenith

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