It’s #WIPpet Wednesday again!

The purpose of K.L,Schwengel’s brainchild is to encourage writers to move their WIPs (works-in-progress) to publication by posting excerpts related to the date.

WIPpet Math: Today is October 16, 2013.

  • For today’s offering, I’ve subtracted 3 from the date (16-3=13).
  • You get 13 sentences today!

During October, I offer the paired volumes,Chameleon’s Dish (Trueborn Weft series), and Bounded by a Nutshell (Trueborn Warp series). Chameleon’s Dish is my YA fantasy WIP. Here’s the logline I’ve created for it:

In the dangerously superstitious past of Shakespeare’s England, an amnesiac girl and a foundling boy must keep her strange nature hidden as they stalk her lost identity.

This week, Henry gets a powerful and visceral reminder of how different Nockatee is from his kind.

This rough-draft passage is lightly edited to remove obvious gaffes and for style. Enjoy!

She’d begun a stew, yesterday, when he had the good fortune to take a rabbit on the way back to the cottage. He brought it out from his pack,and her eyes lit, and so he gave it to her.

She tried to skin it herself, but needed him. Once he’d opened it for her, she tore into it, with her teeth, eyes glittering, and snarled at him when he came close. He had almost forgotten, with her here in his cottage, and now that the shock of finding her had eased, that she was certainly a wild thing, and he ought not forget it.

She claimed the choicest bits of still warm organs with all the ferocity of any predator, and crouched over her prize, her eyes shining ferally in the growing shadows.

Henry backed away to the far corner until she had done with her meal.

Slowly, the eerie light faded from her eyes, although they still glittered and glowed. She licked the drying blood from her hands ,then used them to wash her face in the manner a grimalkin might employ.

He stayed where he was, unmoving, and watched the intensity of feasting give way to the satisfaction of a full belly. She curled up with the carcass, and made a sound that minded Henry of nothing so much as purring.

After a time more, she yawned, and stretched, and sat up, considering first the carcass, and then meeting his eyes; hers shying and wary in a way they hadn’t been since he had first found her and brought her here.

“I – I don’t why I did that,” she said, her face puzzled and frightened.

 There we have it – Nockatee is still a wild thing, still strange in this place and time. She’s more dangerous than even she knows, and they are both frightened by that fact. Will they come to terms with this part of her? Will Henry be safe with her in his home? Will Nockatee be safe in this reality, as she is? Will she somehow give herself away? No, I’m not telling you – not yet. There’ll be more of Henry and Nockatee’s adventures, in two weeks.

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