It’s #WIPpet Wednesday again!

The purpose ofK.L,Schwengel’s brainchild is to encourage writers to move their WIPs (works-in-progress) to publication by posting excerpts related to the date.

WIPpet Math:

Today is October 2, 2013.

  • For today’s offering, I’ve added the digits of the day, month, and year (10+2+6+2+0+1+3=18; plus one because I  messed up was time traveling!).
  • You get 19 sentences today!

During October, I offer the paired volumes,Chameleon’s Dish (Trueborn Weft series), and Bounded by a Nutshell (Trueborn Warp series).

Chameleon’s Dish is a YA fantasy  WIP. Here’s the logline I’ve created for it:

In the dangerously superstitious past of Shakespeare’s England, an amnesiac girl and a foundling boy must keep her strange nature hidden as they stalk her lost identity.

This week, we find Nockatee, the little girl lost who has now lost memory and identity, too, recovering and beginning to learn how to survive and thrive in this new time. She is also beginning to remember bits of her former life…

This rough-draft passage is lightly edited to remove obvious gaffes and for style.


She had lost track of the days since she had been here, but she had counted two tenday for certain. She was stronger, now, and felt her eyes were almost strong enough to make out the words in the book Henry had given her, and the others, he kept, as well.

Not yet, though. For now, she must rest. She had a feeling that she had not rested much in the days before she was hurt, when she has still known who she was and where – possibly when- she belonged.

She hadn’t yet mentioned this thought to Henry, that she suspected she might somehow have been ripped from her own time, some time that hadn’t come yet. It seemed fanciful, perhaps even impossible…..but there was a logic to it, as well.

The book she remembered, the one like the one Henry had given her, was very old….it had the scent and brittleness and color of old, old age. And that voice she could almost put a face and scent to, the one that made her think, “Father!”, saying, “This volume, ti’kahm, is over 800 years old, and still treasured for its insights….”

There had been more. She felt its presence, but memory was gone….

She sighed, trying not to feel trapped and impatient. Sima garo provides. She had the words, and the musical voice, and the shape, almost, now, of what they meant. She could not yet venture outside, but she could tend to the fire, after a fashion, and stir the night’s soup, and see that there was tea, and perhaps, soon, she might be strong enough to cook and sweep and tend the bed and dishes. She could create with the clay Henry brought, and line her boxes, and enjoy long talks, and observe all she experienced.

Sima garo provides. She was here, now, and she would do what she could to repay Henry’s kindnesses and recover her self.

This was what she could do, now, and there was no benefit in wishing for that which she couldn’t do or have, now….

There we have it – Nockatee is finding her past, which might lie in the future. Will all of her memories return? Will she be able to survive in this time? Will she find her way back to where she belongs, and be reunited with her family? And what will become of Henry, if she does?

No, I’m not telling you – not yet. There’ll be more of Henry and Nockatee’s adventures, in two weeks.

I have a different type of video today; my friend Brenna Dee, at her pottery wheel,creating lovely magic. I know the methods Nockatee uses are far more primitive, but I imagine that molding the clay is as evocative and sensual an experience for her, and a form of therapy, during this time when she can do so much less than she knows she was once capable of, and when home, family, and identity seem to have vanished…

And now – release the comment hounds ! =)

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