Here is my progress on the current month’s noveling projects.

Since I posted and began following this plan, I have felt far more focused with my noveling. I have six novels in various states of WIPdom; and plans for at least three more, and all belong to the same double series.

With this plan, I know where to use my noveling energy, and that has led to two finished novel drafts, two new novels solidly begun, and steady progress made on another, which, when separated into fanfic and original elements, will become two books.

June is about endings (Blood and Breath); progress (To Be or Not to Be); and beginnings (the A to Z stories forming the foundation for my July CampNaNo bid as the Trueborn Genesis WIPs.).

There’s been craft research on both plotting and revising, and I feel more knowledgeable and better prepared for the next three months, at least, which will be rich in lightning drafting and editing.

So, what have I been up to, specifically?


CompleteBlood and BreathTarget attained!

Add 25,000 words to To Be or Not to Be – On target..

  • Chapter Thirty- Six completed.
  • Chapter Thirty-Seven planned.
  • WIP total to date: 131,402 of ~ 200,000 words.
  • For June: 18,402 of 25,000 words.
  • Remaining for June: 7, 598 words.

Create rough plans for the rest of Spock and Niaan’s Trueborn Warp and Weft Genesis novels. On target.

  • These will carry both through the moment of truth when they choose their own destiny, by means of an act that cannot be revoked….killing Kaitiiraan, and accepting appointment to Starfleet Academy, respectively.

Niaan’s Genesis ( Working title: The Stars are Fire):

  • Story arc complete.
  • Early planning notes progressing.
  • Rock Your Plot: Story Question and Goal/Motivation/Conflict sections completed.

Spock’s Genesis (working title: Perchance to Dream):

  • Story arc: 7 of 13 stories completed.
  • Planning notes underway.
  • Files for pending scenes added.

Sign up for Camp NaNo. Target attained!

Reread and create rough To-Do lists for:

  • Instead of diving into this project when my plate is full, I read and highlighted Rock Your Revisions, and am currently in the process of creating a plan from it, which I will begin to pursue on August 1, or perhaps sooner.
  • Once the lists are complete for both, begin prioritizing , so that August and September can be used for focused editing runs.
  • Additionally, I have been sharing excerpts from both WIPs as part of the WIPpet Wednesday meme, and receiving feedback that will aid the revisioning process.

And what is on tap for July…..


Begin Trueborn Genesis novels.

  • Goal- 100,000 words duringthe month (remembering that things may slow down during Rock the Campground).

By the time I update this plan again, it will be ROW80 Round 3, and summer will be in full swing. May you find fun, joy, and passion between now and then!