I’ve streamlined this list, deleting all but the current month’s projects. This should make it easier to read and follow – for all of us.

Since I posted and began following this plan, I have felt far more focused with my noveling. I have six novels in various states of WIPdom; and plans for at least three more, and all belong to the same double series. It can be very easy to get lost in all the ideas, and stall out in a muddle of confusion.

With this plan, I know where to use my noveling energy, and that has led to one finished novel draft, already, one slated to be finished this week, two new novels solidly begun, and steady progress made on another, which, when separated into fanfic and original elements, will become two books.

And this month, I add editing to the mix, for two previously completed rough drafts…

It’s very stirring, and the ideas are flowing for at least three more volumes, which I hope to play with in 2014.

So, what have I been up to, noveling-wise?


Complete Blood and Breath – On target.

  • 96,336 of ~100,000 words.
  • Chapter 18 completed.
  • Chapter 19; Scene 1 planned.
  • Complete by June 15. 

Add 25,000 words to To Be or Not to Be – Pending.

  • Chapter Twenty-Nine planned.

Create rough plans for the rest of Spock and Niaan’s Trueborn Warp and Weft Genesis novels. On target.

  • These will carry both through the moment of truth when they choose their own destiny, by means of an act that cannot be revoked….killing Kaitiiraan, and accepting appointment to Starfleet Academy.
  • I began creating the story arc for Niaan, and taking early planning notes as I reread.
  • 5 of 14 stories added, through “In The Pridekeep”.
  • I have added files for scenes to be added, and considered secondary POV characters.

Sign up for Camp NaNo. – Pending.

Reread and create rough To-Do lists for:

  • Chameleon’s Dish– Pending.
  • Bounded by a Nutshell – Pending.

Once the lists are complete for both, begin prioritizing the lists, so that August and September can be used for mass editing runs….with lots of focus available. – Pending.