Last week, my lifelong friend and fellow writer,Eden Mabee, posted for #WIPpet Wednesday. I had read the phrase before, but this time, I was curious enough to follow her posted links, and ended up here, learning about K.L,Schwengel s brainchild.

Since theBlogging from A to Z Challengeended, I’ve been looking for a regular feature for this blog, one that is specifically Trueborn-oriented. I was looking to inspire myself, and offer glimpses of the creation of this double series to you, my readers.

I’ve found it.

Each week, I will post an excerpt from one of my five Trueborn WIPs (works-in-progress). All are, at this time, rough drafts. Each excerpt will be connected, in some way, to the date.

The purpose of this group is to encourage writers to move their WIPs to publication. I welcome any insight and opinion…the next year or two will bring editing to all drafts, and your comments may be just what I need to hear….so, don’t be shy, whether you are a writer, or strictly a reader!

This excerpt is from my WIP Chameleon’s Dish, a Trueborn Weft Series (original ,possibly YA, fantasy) novel.

Today is May 15. I offer Chapter 15, paragraphs 1-5:

There was a time of just feeling. Her mind said that they must look into each other’s souls, through their eyes, that this was the time to learn each other; the shapes of their minds, the yearnings of their souls. These things would be the base of their bond, and it would build as they grew, until, one day, it would be, in fact, a true marriage, when they were both grown and ready for it.

He could feel the differences in her, now, that she came, not from one other place, but from many, all at once, and all unlike the others….

In all of them, she was a wild thing – he had not been at all wrong about her nature. But she was not ruthless, as her mother could be. Nor was she as implacably calm as her sire……

Her sire, who Burned, who wanted many things, like a hungry flame, but none more than to bring his child back to him….

None of these feelings and knowings were as words – he felt them, somehow, without needing to think of them…

Next week, I will share an excerpt from the Trueborn Warp Series (Star Trek fan fiction) companion volume to Chameleon’s Dish, Bounded by a Nutshell.

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