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It’s #WIPpet Wednesday again!

The purpose of K.L,Schwengel’s brainchild is to encourage writers to move their WIPs to publication by posting excerpts related to the date.

Until July, I will be posting excerpts from two of my Trueborn WIPs (works-in-progress);

  • Chameleon’s Dish, Trueborn Weft Series fantasy novel.

  • Bounded by a Nutshell, a Trueborn Warp Series Star Trek fan fiction novel.

These two series are interwoven. The plan is to offer the Warp Series fan fiction freely, and eventually publish the original fantasy Weft Series for sale.

This week, we return to Chameleon’s Dish. I played with the math a little to choose today’s passage: Today is May 29, 2013. I added 2+9=11, so we will visit Chapter 11. Adding the month and the last two digits of the year gives us 5+13=18, so there are 18 (mostly short) paragraphs (which also carries us to the point in the draft where I inexplicable repeat the entire passage – urp!).

I rudely jumped into the middle of these characters’ lives a fortnight back, with no introduction whatsoever. So, today, I introduce Henry, a boy of about 11 years, living in Elizabethan England, near London, and the mysterious girl-child he has been tracking (who, at this point, is nameless)…

This scene appears as originally written, cleaned up a bit for an audience. I think it’s only fair to say that I have had a few plot tribbles occur since, and this scene will likely look quite different in the next draft…


It was late the next even when Henry first heard the low, urgent sound. At first, he could not identify it, and it did not cause alarms amongst the wild creatures here.

Was it the faerie-child?

He wasn’t sure when he had begun to think of the strange visitor as a faerie-girl, but he trusted the instinct. He followed the sound, traced the tiny signs that were the only evidence that she had been this way…..the tail of a wood mouse, a few threads of wool, the scent where she had voided….

And, all at once, he was upon her – a naked and sweating girlchild lying at the base of a huge grandmother of a pine, curled on her side, moaning with soft, quick breaths.

She did not seem awake, and, despite the chill of the air, she was sweating with the effort of the panting.

Henry hung back for a while, watching. The faerie-folk were neither kind nor cruel; they lived as wild things, and wildness was in their minds. Even a child would not suffer a mortal to touch her if she did not choose to be touched.

“Father – !” A choked word, and it came somewhat strange-sounding to his ears, but in the Queen’s own English, nonetheless.

A changeling, perhaps? A faerie child placed with a human family….?

“Father!” The voice was a little stronger, and she sat up, crookedly, her eyes wild and unseeing. In the deepening gloom, they glowed, catlike. Her face was pale and frightened.

Henry stepped forward slightly, and called to her, “I don’t think your father is here. I am called Henry. I will help you if you wish it, and if I can.”

“I cannot see you – and I burn with Father’s soulfires. Can you help?”

“I have made a shelter not far from here. I have blankets and food and a fire. I have some medicines – will they work on your kind?”

An OPEN invitation! Come join us

“I do not know. My kind – I am not like you. My father – Father! I have lost thee, Father, and with thee, myself” –  she broke off, muttering in a tongue he had never heard – Henry had an ear for tongues. There was the sound of delirium in her voice, and he could feel the force of her loss.

“Will you let me help you?”

“It seems the only logical choice,” she said, and the delirium had been replaced by a thoughtful tone. “If you will trust me, I will also trust you – for I certainly cannot survive here without your help.”

“Can you walk?” He came close and helped her to her feet; but she swayed and nearly fell, and was too close to his own size for him to support her. “No, be at ease, young one – I will make a travios and carry you upon it. have you any clothes – the night grows cold.”

“In the tree?’ It was a doubtful and uncertain question; Henry scouted around the tree and found a tidy, vine-wrapped bundle.

“Here, I have them.”


Comments? Questions? Observations? I love feedback! Drop it in the comment receptacle below – and click on the button below to read more great excerpts from other #WIPpeteers!

It’s #WIPpet Wednesday again!

The purpose of  K.L,Schwengel’s brainchild is to encourage writers to move their WIPs to publication by posting excerpts related to the date.

Until July, I will be posting excerpts from two of my Trueborn WIPs (works-in-progress);

  • Chameleon’s Dish, a Trueborn Weft Series fantasy novel.

  • Bounded by a Nutshell, a Trueborn Warp SeriesStar Trek fan fiction novel.

These two series are interwoven. The plan is to offer the Warp Series fan fiction freely, and eventually publish the original fantasy Weft Series for sale.

This week, I offer twenty-two paragraphs  from Bounded by a Nutshell. Spock, who is now the Vulcan Ambassador, and his wife, Niaan, have three children – twin daughters, Tisira and Kirana, who are nearly six, and a newborn son, Seth.

Tisira has been caught in the beam of an experimental time travel device as she slept in her father’s office at the Vulcan Science Academy. There is no way to tell where she has been sent, or when.

Niaan, a strong telepath at the locus of a network that spans her homeworld, can still sense her daughter, as can Kirana.

Spock, though, can only sense her through his wife and daughter, and this has propelled him prematurely into the earliest stages of pon farr, the mating madness that all adult Vulcans experience…


There had been the frenzy of his rutmadness for a time, all fire and madness and clutching, seizing release. Spock was as fierce as she had long ago named him, and he took her as his birthright, because she was his bondmate.

Then, slowly, it had eased, as the spike in eropsitone leveled off, as the tension and fear of the last hours, which he had tried to suppress in the manner of his Vulcan nature, exploded from him in the manner of his human nature.

His panting and grunting claiming, so akin to her animal nature, subsided into languorous touches, his fingers trailing over her skin, tasting her bioelectric pulses in a way she knew brought him deep pleasure and comfort.

“This was not how I wished to resume Souldance with thee, my own,” he said, finally, when the ability to speak had returned to him. “I wished it to be – tender, to speak what is within my soul for thee.”

“It was time – before Tisira was lost. I was waiting only for the moment when you were not otherwise occupied, and when Seth would not miss us – and I delight in your fierceness as much as your tenderness.”

Suddenly, with the mention of their son, her milk let down, spraying the bedding.

He brushed her face with the backs of his paired fingers. “It is time to rejoin the rest of life, my own.”

“You aren’t yet ready, fierce one. Kiral Leonard made it clear that you need to tend to this, to give yourself the most time-“

“Seth has need of you, my own, and you of him – and I have need to see that he is well.”

It wasn’t a thing to be denied, even if she were not leaking. He could feel Seth’s need, as she could, and his ears were even keener than her own. He could surely hear that Seth was fussing.

“Kirana, though, will play happily a time longer. Rachyl will bring Seth, and he will nurse and sleep while we tend to all of our needs. Including yours, my husband.”

She had used the tone Kaitiiraan had used to order about all those around her, laced with the tone Tacivaar had used to command the Pride. She had both tones honestly, as her birthright – and with them, the state of mind that would not be argued with – not even by him, not even now.

“While he nurses?” He, in the way he had from his own parents, did not argue, but the question was not consent, either.

“It can be done so that he will not be disturbed by Matehunt, fierce one – now that your fires have been sated to coals, you will be able to be gentle, and the pleasure will be his, too, in a way that will soothe and comfort him.”

“You are quite certain?”

She smiled at his seriousness. “I am his mother, and your bondmate. I could not mistake his response, and I would not lie to you.” She ruffled his shining hair, and brushed the backs of two fingers delicately down his cheek. “Besides, Rachyl is already on her way.”

It was just then that the doorchime sounded With a quiet sigh of resignation, but still not outright consent, he said, “Come, Rachyl,” and sat up, gathering her with him, settling her to lean against him. “I have missed thee, my wife.”

“I’ve missed you, too,” she said, as Rachyl came through the door, their son in her arms. His fussing had shifted to the spluttering beginnings of crying.

It’s an open invitation!

“I gave him some milk,” Rachyl said, “and changed him. But now, he wants to nurse, and be with you two.”

“Thank you, Rachyl,” he said, somewhat formally, as Jeniah took Seth carefully from her sister. “You will signal, when Kirana decides to rejoin us.”

Seth’s small and tense body relaxed into hers as soon as she drew him to her, and his mind quieted. Her stared up at them both for a breath, smiled, then began to root for the breast.

Spock’s body and mind, too, relaxed as Seth took the nipple and began to suckle in powerful gulps. He was nursing so frantically, he gagged, pulled away, fussed, then grabbed the nipple again, almost as though he were Hunting it – and again pulled away, spluttering.


Comments? Questions? Observations? I love feedback! Drop it in the comment receptacle below – and click on the button below to read more great excerpts from other #WIPpeteers!

 Last week, my lifelong friend and fellow writer,Eden Mabee, posted for #WIPpet Wednesday. I had read the phrase before, but this time, I was curious enough to follow her posted links, and ended up here, learning about K.L,Schwengel s brainchild.

Since theBlogging from A to Z Challengeended, I’ve been looking for a regular feature for this blog, one that is specifically Trueborn-oriented. I was looking to inspire myself, and offer glimpses of the creation of this double series to you, my readers.

I’ve found it.

Each week, I will post an excerpt from one of my five Trueborn WIPs (works-in-progress). All are, at this time, rough drafts. Each excerpt will be connected, in some way, to the date.

The purpose of this group is to encourage writers to move their WIPs to publication. I welcome any insight and opinion…the next year or two will bring editing to all drafts, and your comments may be just what I need to hear….so, don’t be shy, whether you are a writer, or strictly a reader!

This excerpt is from my WIP Chameleon’s Dish, a Trueborn Weft Series (original ,possibly YA, fantasy) novel.

Today is May 15. I offer Chapter 15, paragraphs 1-5:

There was a time of just feeling. Her mind said that they must look into each other’s souls, through their eyes, that this was the time to learn each other; the shapes of their minds, the yearnings of their souls. These things would be the base of their bond, and it would build as they grew, until, one day, it would be, in fact, a true marriage, when they were both grown and ready for it.

He could feel the differences in her, now, that she came, not from one other place, but from many, all at once, and all unlike the others….

In all of them, she was a wild thing – he had not been at all wrong about her nature. But she was not ruthless, as her mother could be. Nor was she as implacably calm as her sire……

Her sire, who Burned, who wanted many things, like a hungry flame, but none more than to bring his child back to him….

None of these feelings and knowings were as words – he felt them, somehow, without needing to think of them…

Next week, I will share an excerpt from the Trueborn Warp Series (Star Trek fan fiction) companion volume to Chameleon’s Dish, Bounded by a Nutshell.

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A little solo eroticism for your Thursday afternoon, courtesy of the very wise August Mclaughlin!

Girl Boner

“Good sex is like good bridge. If you don’t have a good partner, you’d better have a good hand.” ― unknown

Young woman playing with her self on bed

One thing I’ve learned about body image is that self-nurturing goes out the window along with it. When we perceive ourselves as not attractive or worthy of love, we treat ourselves as though we don’t deserve either. Our healthy eating habits tank. We work out excessively or not at all, sleep too much or struggle for any, and let everything from annual physicals and dental checkups to well-deserved rest time slide. If sex enters our brain, it’s likely to seem like a chore, a waste of time or even something horrifying. (“I can’t let him/her see this!”) Luckily, we can turn all of these factors around. From a Girl Boner standpoint, I believe that doing so starts with masturbation.

There’s SO MUCH I’d like to say on this topic, and…

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