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This new world like an arytana blossom, opened before us. We felt its promise; here, there was room for us both – as one. Here, we could be, and nothing other…

The craft set down in mountains, and doors opened to a blue lake, the almost-scent of lifepines strangely spiced, of prey animals in abundance, steeping our lungs in wildness; a balm for the barren scrubbed air within the vessel.

There was no arytana; but this freedom, after so long spent in the smallness of the craft, was as rich as the moments after leaving Mother’s Keep, or as being alone upon the Forge, at night.

We shed the robes – they whispered in soft caresses upon our skin, as we undressed the two bodies we occupied; Almost, we forgot about Running, and gave ourselves this moment to Souldance and Matehunt.

But we’d had such Satings as our bodies could reach, while traveling. Now, we longed to stretch, l and touch and taste this new world, and not only see and hear it around our couplings…

We Changed, became a creature made for the open spaces, the trees, the water…

We Ran until hunger gnawed through us, then unity splintered into touching – I wanted to Hunt, to take a ground birds or rodent for my meal; Kaivelt could not, and wished instead to forage for edible plants and early berries.

We moved, loosening the weaving, allowing space in our souldancing for both Hunting and gathering. Instincts grew richer, more textured, so shared, and I found my groundhen tasted better than any I had tasted.

There was no need to Hunt, now, for a time. What was offered by our kin would be enough.

We went to the lake to drink, but ended in splashing and swimming recklessly, frightening birds and fish in our play.

~There is only this.~

We came shivering from the chills of water, to find our robes laid out upon a rock warmed by the yellow-gold sun. We remembered the sun the way it had looked, over the arc of the world, spreading light and erasing dark.

There was beauty in it – something we had forgotten to see. It followed us into our dreaming, and our dancing…

We were. We were of three worlds; we were male, and female. We were the Huntress; we were bred for peace. Our blood ran hot with Huntlust, and Burned through our veins. We were all power; we danced through Everdeep, no planet’s gravity enough to hold us, weight us into reality.

We floated, we danced, and the coolness of space caressed us, until there was warmth.

We woke to woodsmoke and vegetables roasting with a sizzle over an open fire, much in the Tacivaarii fashion, but without the meat.

We were warm in a comfortable sleeping-place, in a still and safe place. We scented and felt our kin in the next chamber, and knew that we must have been carried here and made comfortable, so that we could simply be as we were.

The fire’s music reached into mind and soul and blood; weaving, searing –


We could answer only with play at Matehunt, and at Souldance.