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We arrived after a week in the shuttle, a week during which Niaan was alive and  part of me, while she Secluded herself in her woven arytana bower. A week during which Mother and Father were there, the moment we wished them, and we were left alone as we wished. A week during which food or drink was provided at our first whim.

A week during which we reveled, and learned. A week during which we were always together. A week during which we knew we were Intended for one another.

A week during which we began to heal what was broken within us. A week during which we explored, and played, and watched our lights and shadows, fascinated at their dancing.

A week of passion, and peace…

And then we were sitting in a comfortable chair by the largest planetside window, watching Earth spin below us– made speechless by the beauty of this sight, this floating ball of green and blue and white and its one small, silvered moon..

~ Is my world so, Kaivelt?~

I sighed as Attunement slipped away…

It is a sorrow, to lose the fullness of your bond, my son.” Father was there, at once, as though he knew this moment would come. “In such times, there can be value in remembering the nature of a lifebond – “Parted, and never parted; never and always touching and touched.”

I do not like the partings.” Even as I said it, I knew it was illogical. What matter, my emotional response? It was – as it was. To distract myself from the lessened contact with her, I asked, “Will we come to a place where they do not occur? Where there will be nothing but Attunement?”

All things end, Spock. Nor can you, or any of us, live forever in Attunement. Attend well to it, while you are able, and hold the memory of it close, when it passes.” He made no mention of my lapse of irrationality, and I was grateful.

Then Mother was beside me, swinging out a tray table frame and setting a table upon it.

We’ll be at the cabin in less than an hour, Spock. Would you like to eat?”

I smelled rich plomik soup, and tea, and – avocado? I could almost taste them, already, and Niaan’s curiosity rose.

If you wish it, Mother, I will eat, and share this with Niaan my own, if I am able.”

And she flowed back in, silvery as Earth’s small pale moon, delighting in the tastes and textures of the meal, and at the wonder and beauty of the world as we orbited, crossed the terminus, and the yellow dwarf star – Sol, it was named – rose…

She felt kinship for the sun; hers was like to it. As we descended and the world became more evident, she grew excited, stretching fully into me, and we readied ourselves for these new, unexplored Huntlands. We would Run, when night came to this place.