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Kaivelt’s Lifeblood surged beneath my fangs. Pulsing. Racing. All hot power. Its scent sang with mineral steam sizzling into flame. Wild to my wild. Reckless hunger to reckless hunger.

His eyes – Everdeep dark. Everdeep endless. I touched him through his eyes. They reflected me, small, at the center of his being.

He watched, waited. Terror was quiver through him – deep thrumming energy, crystal notes.




So much to feel, in the bloodpulse rushing through him, held in my mouth.

Huntlust rose in me. He yearned. I tightened my grip, my teeth pressing into his skin, and I shivered with need.

Our panting breaths echoed in my ears, through my soul, and his…

Within me, he trembled, and begged for the joining he feared.

My fangs pierced his skin – was it me who growled so fiercely? –

His blood surged, invaded, a starving predator – too much to lap up quickly, and I thought I had punctured his Bloodsource, and not just the skin…

Fires torched my mouth, straight to my belly, owning me, claiming me with the searing touch – they tasted of victory and mystery.

He rolled me beneath him, his skin almost hotter than his wild strange blood, and his eyes glinted red fires as he drove blunt unpracticed teeth to my throat…

His fear was stronger now, and something deep screamed that this was wrong, hateful, savage but deeper, there was a memory older than his oldest elder, and an instinct to claim, to rend, and to own….

And that need Burned in him, and he clamped in, tore skin, and my Trueborn blood, blood that knew only the taking of prey leapt through me, into him….

His Burning seared through us, and he shuddered and seized me, my own body rising to meet him, demanding a joining beyond what bodies alone could share, and our mouths attacked one another, the blood of our two worlds blending as we bit and suckled, binding us, creating us new-made.