Attention: This post includes adult themes.  Discretion is advised.

“This is our home.”

One thought. Almost, we were one mind. But – how? I knew there were no other children here. Certainly none such as this wild creature. There was no logic in her being here, now….

In the instant of my thinking it, silvery threads wrapped thought, and my soul quivered – so close, within me, more deeply than any other had been. She tasted, sampling my thinking, and, beneath, to the feelings I held tightly closed, lest they betray me.

~What place has logic, here, where we dream ? Sima garo provides – that is enough to understand.~

“We dream?” Wondering whisper on the thin chill air of the Forge at night. T’Kuht was leaning in, near full, reflecting in her silvery eyes, shadows and light dancing. Fascinating….

“I might be a vision…..” She smiled, and some hard knot of feeling loosened. I wanted to hold the moment clutched within, forever – that she would smile – smile, as though anyone might, at any moment! “So might you.”

She leaned in close , and I gathered her to me, in what Father would name “vulgar impulse’, There were dangers in touching, I’d been warned, but Father had never said what they were…and, now, I didn’t care. Upon the Forge with this wild smiling girl whose mind held all the mystery of space, whose eyes danced with light and shadow, who slipped in against me, utterly unclothed, I cast all danger aside. The new sensations enticed, demanded, as did her mind, with welcoming joy.

“You do not feel like a vision….” No, she did not. She was alive, and cool, and when she moved upon me, I wanted only to remain thus, forever.

She laughed, and I felt it, a deep warm, current, flowing through us both. “Arytana can give such visions, sometimes…and you smell of something potent.”

The memory unrolled, of finding the tikkin-plant just as the bud formed under T’Kuht’s glow…and we lived the wonder of it now, together. “I found the fruit, and ate it. It is said that to do so is to open oneself to all of life, all possibilty; things that cannot be known otherwise…”

My fingers lifted, trembling, to brush untended curls from her face – jolt of new awareness, my heart beating so powerfully fast, I illogically feared I might faint, or die…

Brush of cool lips against mine, tiny bites – parting – dizzying force rose from the root of my stavrit, searing my blood to leaping flame. ~I – I do not understand.~ And yet, somehow, by some instinct, I did.

Her mind, her body, both so open, fearless, cradled me. “Powerful indeed,” she whispered against my mouth, her breath meeting mine, blending, echoing minds, bodies, souls. “Why should you understand, rather than feel?”

I had no answer; it was a question I knew well. I led her to the place in my mind, the place where Sarek‘s will ruled my life, and demanding things I could not give…

“Here with me, in this dreaming-vision be only as you are, Kaivelt.”

So she named me. Some wild thing within me rose, at that, proud and bold, and, even knowing the dangers of the Forge beneath T’Kuht so near full, I released her, leaving the intention that she give me chase….

I had not gone ten paces when she seized me, driving me to the hard ground. I did not care….whether there was pain, whether this was delusion.

Truth – the way our minds folded, wove, and flowed. Surge of sensation at so much touch, at the red glow that caressed her….my fingers followed its path. She tore and tugged at my robes, her mind full only of the intent to touch all of me…

~ We are yet too young!~

~ Sima garo provides. If we feel this, we are old enough.~

My stavrit filled with hot singing blood, and I pressed into her, was swallowed in the joining, minds and bodies straining, yearning, clumsy, unknowing, ruled by need and instinct…

We must have more, and more, be swollen as T’Khut with it. In the heat of flesh, the panting of breath, the slamming power of heart, and the promise of release bodies were not yet ready for, I named her, too. ” T’lys – my own.”

“Then you would claim me, Kaivelt – but there is more to a true Claiming.”

Before I could draw breath, she held me with fangs sunk into my throat, encircling what her mind called Breathsource and Bloodsource….and I knew she could tear my throat from me. I waited for life – or death. And then her fangs slipped between, pain jagged and sharp –

~I claim you, Kaivelt, and have placed my scar upon you as proof of my claim.~

She was waiting my claim, for me to draw her blood as she drew mine…My mind recoiled, but my soul craved the irrational act…

While T’Kuht stood as guard and witness , while wildness held me –

I did as she had, trusting, as she did, in her sima garo – I was afraid, and still I took her throat between my teeth and bit her, cool red blood touched my lips, coppery-sweet. blending with the tikkin juices in a maddening surge, and I threw back my head and roared victory….

And then, there was only touching, and feeling, and joining….