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Points for Blood and Breath Story Arc –


  • Jeniah’s womanhood rite – give it a name, and maybe some history…
  • Much of scene from Tacivaar’s POV – he condemns Kaitiiraan’s plotting while seeing his own as just.
  • Jemiah enters the maze and suffers severe, insanity-inducing delusions.
  • Kaitiiraan’s murder.
  • Jeniah’s screaming catatonia closes scene.

Chapter One:

  • Tacivaar secretes Jeniah to exile in the Huntlands.
  • Hallii threatens Jeniah’s life, and her intent to claim her rightful place as Kai.
  • Tacivaar seduces Jeniah (I do believe he does, with arytana, pheremones, and telepathic suggestion).
  • While they are dreaming, Jeniah feels Tacivaar’s betrayal.
  • She also feels another, faint, presence, and is closed to one and opened to the other.

Chapter Two:

  • Jeniah flees the Pridekeep,Runs as far as she is able, to a place no Tacivaarii has set paw to in many sunrounds, and then collapses in exhaustion and shock.
  • She dreams of another man, somewhere further away than she could ever Run.
  • She also begins to sense Hallii, and knows that her twin can’t feel her as strongly. Her sexual awakening has strengthened her ability to draw upon the Huntthread.
  • She survives the first days, beginning from nothing, and builds herself several lairs and a home in the ancient hollowed tree, Osiiraan.
  • She knows that Hallii is following her, and that the Wolvenkeep has a new and sinister energy. She can feel that Hallii burns for revenge against anyone who she feels has wronged her, but none so much as she herself.
  • The merchants that passed through are strained and anxious as they had never before been. Jeniah can read much in their scent, hear it in their words, and read it in their skittish bearing.
  • She can feel the Tribe through the Huntthread, but she keeps the awareness passive, and does not participate with it. She does not trust that Tacivaar won’t use it against her; but she doesn’t want the Pride to turn against him by learning of his machinations, which might have gotten her killed rather than Kaitiiraan.
  • She cares for herself, and builds a new and freer life.

Chapter Three:

  • Tacivaar throws himself into a succession of trysts, and pursues Shinjao, the solitary Huntress-Healer who never plays at Matehunt. He gifts her daily with more and more lavishness, although he also gifts others.
  • Shinjao rejects him each time. She knows how he desires Jeniah, and that she is his child. She doesn’t approve, and she does love him. She wants no other, and couldn’t bear to pretend, which is why she remains so separate.
  • Tacivaar continues to devise various plot s to force Jeniah to bear his Truestborn, in hopes that, once she is carrying his child, she will consent to a Solemating with him, and he will have what he most desires. He feels that she dreams of another, and plays at Matehunt with him, and tells himself he is not a fool to be jealous of the fantasies of a woman so newly made.
  • The parties carrying meet to Kaitiiraan’s Keep begin to be limited. First, they are not allowed to serve the new Kai, then her family, and then the Court, and finally, not even the servants’ kitchen. To enforce the edicts, there are Canivaarii guards, and the Carriers announce that they seem to be in the new Kai’s thrall.
  • Tacivaar leaves Jeniah to herself and doesn’t try to touch he through the Huntthread. He can feel her determination, and knows her independence and tendency to resist any efforts to lead her where she will not willingly go.


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