A Huntress is Born, Lives, and Stalks Through My Fantasies…

Monthly Archives: June 2012

About a year ago, now, I began my first WordPress blog, and began to lay claim to my lifelong passion for writing.

It seems fitting that I am now feeling ready to open a new blog, and own more of that dream…

You see, there is this Huntress who has stalked my fantasies since I was 13. She may be older than that – she is never seen or sensed until she chooses to be, and seldom leaves a trail she didn’t intend to leave.

You see, there were also these two girls, on the cusp of womanhood, filled with yearnings and restlessness, and corralled, six hours a day and nine months a year, in a place that could contain their bodies, but never their minds.

Oh, and there was a Vulcan. We may or may not get back to that. Some fantasies are for sharing, and some are, shall we say, far more private.

For now, I plan to tease more than tell, to play more than reveal.

There is so much to this world – I could say this world that I built –

But I would be lying.

I didn’t build it. It grew. It grows. It both feeds and draws on my living.

We’re symbiotic, this other reality and I . Inextricably bound. Jeniah is a part of me, and I of her. Our worlds are forever interwoven.

We even share a part of our names, although this hasn’t always been true, and someday may not be again.

Some parts of the story I know well, so well that I have lived them almost as fully as my own. Other parts are just being revealed.

And of course, as befits a Trueborn Tacivaarii Huntleader and past Kai, there are parts Jeniah keeps hidden.

She may share them, when she’s ready to do so…or she may not.

What I know, and am free to share, may find its way here.

I have no specific structure in mind, yet – this is a playground. I will be exploring, and learning what Jeniah will share with me.

And, although I make no promises, there may be more stories of those two young girls, and how worlds and universes came to find them where they were held captive, and freed their minds if not their bodies. There may be stories of how they grew, what their lives were, and visits to worlds subtly and indelibly connected, in a wider weaving…

Yes, I’m rambling. I do tend to do that. I felt it was a fault, until I realized that my best ideas and stories are born in my verbal or mental wanderings…

Won’t you come wander with me a ways….?


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